For Participants 

The Together Project is a space for readers to explore ideasso your participation is valued. To ensure this remains a safe and respectful space for allwe request that all commenters on our blog and social media observe The Together Project’s Comment Policy: 

  1. Be kind. Different opinions are inevitable, but rudeness and personal attacks are not. Debate ideas, but don’t demean other people or mention individuals or churches by name with the intention of shaming them. 
  1. Stay on topic. This is a place for exploring the equality of men and women in Christ. Conversations which go too far off-topic may be closed down by the admin team. 
  1. No fundraising or advertising. Letting people know about a good book that is on-topic is fine. The admin team reserves the right to promote certain events or causes. Contributors books and articles may be listed if relevant to the topic under discussion. 
  1. Let us know if you have a problem. If you are concerned about the behaviour of another person on our sites, please get in touch. 

The admin team may decline comments on the blog which are not in keeping with the rules. Participants on social media who repeatedly break the rules or whose infringement is deemed sufficiently serious may have comments deleted, be muted for a period or be removed/blocked from the site. 


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